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Lesbian latex stories

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Twice Alice fainted from the torture, and twice she was revived and the whipping started again. Free pictures of naked porn stars. The feeling of enclosure was accentuated by the reduction of hearing caused by the latex membrane stretched across my ears, flattening them against the sides of my head. The Baroness was right!

If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more! She thrust it deep into me and I brought my thighs tight to the side of her head, feeling the warmth of her face through the latex. Lesbian latex stories. Mistress Grace came back and released Denise.

But just how extreme are you going to take this? Mistress Constance noticed her first. She was sweating and it was clear that she also had come several times. The heat of their passion was evident as it radiated from their swollen, sperm filled pods to the tips of my groping digits. A housewife agrees to be sold into slavery to help her family out of financial difficulties. Gromet's Plaza Bound Stories. Very hot desi girl photo. Paul admits to Michelle that he cheated with Stacy and she tells him some secrets of her own, including her bisexual fantasies This was not unexpected as she and I had been feuding for ages over all kinds of silly stuff, weeds, tree-limbs, loud music, you name it.

The main reason was that I got to see women wearing latex examination gloves.

Lesbian latex stories

She saw the cock that hung from my crotch and smiled. The mouthpiece provided cool, crisp air, but that was not all. Her head was covered in a Latex helmet, Mistress had spent some time cutting the two nasal holes into one so that Grace would be comfortable with her new nose ring. When they got to the club,they gulped and nearly turned round in surprise at the sight that greeted them. Alice laid helpless for what seemed to her like hours.

So I decide to turn to prostitution to give me my quota of filthy action The maid then bathed Alice. Bitch licked around her mound removing the pearls of urine which remained. After crossing that bridge, his teacher Miss Boyer retrieved the condom from Tommy, and then in a soft voice ordered, 'Now if you would please, take off your pants and shorts!!! Both disappeared off to their rooms to change into their nightwear before heading back to the living room and Stephanie offered to make a couple of decaf coffees before heading to bed,an offer Louise happily accepted.

Anyway I take it you would like to become a member? Gradually, I worked over the whole suit, arms, feet, legs and body, lingering a little over my breasts and between my thighs. For its size the bag was very heavy. In seconds though, she wouldn't have that. Her face came closer and closer, shrouded by her damp hair, until her eyes were right in front of my own.

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Pet lubed them and soon had them pulled up and in place. The Biker girls dream. Laying down tits. Lesbian latex stories. For example, if one character wears a rubber suit, it is not because she is a dominatrix preparing to play with a sex partner, but because she is a spacewoman or a diver. Grace looked again at her and nodded. Something's Different About Mary 05 Mary finds joy in latex and domination.

I was getting impatient and jiggled my bottom up towards her face. Moments later Stephanie saw a circular beam of orange light descend from the roof and slow when it reached the top of her head,she barely noticed it moving steadily down her body though she blinked when it passed over her eyes.

What I am about to describe is a tumultuous period of just a few months earlier this year during which my life turned in a completely new direction and an established friendship grew in an unexpected and exciting way. Shawn Worships Mommy Ch. The Collections of Erotica. Nude women 60 plus. Grace looked at Denise and nodded, "You can find your own way to our new home. Days passed and I tried to be a gentle Mistress with Pet.

Jenny's pussy responded to my intrusion with a series of small muscle contractions. She kissed me again. What I saw then shocked me. My friends and I remained 'good' friends long after our 'sleepover experimenting. While Pet was cleaning I followed her, pointing out what she was doing wrong and praising her for what I thought she was doing well. Nerve endings in the sensitive areas at the backs of my knees, between my legs and along the junction of my thighs and belly were going into overdrive.

The Pink Flowered Panties. She's an exotic dancer and just wants a nite cap before going home. Fran gerard naked. She sucked on my tongue. Her husband has to cope with his wife's new lifestyle and her daughter wants to get into the act. Becoming more confident, I ran my now adventurous fingers along the taught tendons straining between her legs and then over the bare, hairless opening of her vagina. After we woke and refreshed ourselves Sable excused herself and I didn't see her until late that evening. She is also very untidy.

It was quickly up to my crotch.

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Finally, her tongue, found the mouth opening in the hood and brushed my lips. Meanwhile back in the control room,they were getting ready for the big moment. When she stood two heavy ben wa balls dropped out of her, and she sunk to her knees again, her hands covering her sex protectively as her eyes once again said volumes to me.

Pet sat on her knees off to one side of the room, a heavy chain leash securing her to the table leg. I will break you, in my own time, in my own way, I have a doctor friend coming next week, another slave from another time, She has some presents for you, other than that my lips are sealed". I knew that you'd get annoyed and go looking for the dress if it went missing, so I planted my rubber collection and the dildo somewhere you'd be bound to find them and hoped for the best.

Then it was off to the dungeon or one of the bedrooms to play for an hour or two. Aroused, sticky-mouthed, hot and momentarily disorientated. Monday, March 26, Saturday, September 25, The pair walked through some doors and up some stairs to a corridor, Mistress Grace opened one of these doors. It was she that introduced me to rubber. Her arms were sheathed in long black gloves and black stockings covered her legs. I motioned for her to lay on her front with her hips in the air.

I quietly rose from the bed and walked to the door and very carefully turned the knob. A thin blonde with a huge black hardon approached her, and after leaning down and inhaling the rich aroma of Jojo's hot pussy, she quickly lined up her cock in Jojo's cunt, and with a massive lunge forward, buried the ten inches of latex all the way to the hilt, inducing a string of orgasms out of Jojo's pussy that made her feel like a freight train was fucking her cunt instead of a mere dildo!!!

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